Production of clarinet barrel

Barrel for Bb clarinet Buffet Crampon & Vandoren BD5

     In collaboration with Aleš Hejcman (solo clarinetist Smetana Philharmonic), we developed 61-65mm barrels for easier intonation with the BD5 nozzle and the RC Buffet Crampon instrument. This barrel is also functional with other Buffet Crampon models (RC, RC Prestige, Divine, R13, Festival and Licostini nozzles). The barrel is made in its basic form from grenadille (Dalbergia melanoxylon) without rings, its drilling gives it an unmistakable color, which gives the clarinet tone the appropriate clarity. Its advantages are easy articulation and easy echo. It is suitable for chamber, orchestral and solo playing. Since there are a lot of variable parameters in the production of a barrel, it is not possible to talk about a universal barrel. Therefore, I recommend trying the barrel and fine-tuning it directly with us.

You can choose the production from several types of wood:

  • Curupay
  • African blackwood - Grenadill
  • Exotic ebony
  • Cocobolo

It is also possible to install gold-plated, silver-plated, newly nickel-plated and carbon rings. Alternatively, their Cryo adjustment.

Barrels for other clarinets

The latest achievement in the development of barrels is the collaboration with Tomáš Kopáček (Czech Philharmonic principal clarinetist). Thanks to his "microscope" ears, we are trying to find the optimal combination of bore, wood and other variable parameters that significantly affect the sound and intonation of the clarinet. This created a test kit, according to which it is possible to quickly determine how the barrel will be drilled to have optimal characteristics. Your barrel can be made in our workshop while you wait .

Procedure for making a barrel:

  • Ideally, it is good to have the instrument, for which the barrel is to be made, available. Even the same model lines are different, as manufacturers are still trying to improve their instruments. So we always try to fine-tune the barrel.
  • If you leave the production to us, we will need a video, a detail for the proof sheet, where you need to play the instrument chromatically from small e to c3 and fill in the intonation table, to download: HERE
  • In case you only need to modify the existing barrel, it is necessary to fill in the intonation table which will enable our better orientation. Download: HERE.
  • In all cases, it is necessary to know which nozzle will be used with the instrument. 

We also make copies of barrels that are no longer commercially available (Selmer 9, 9 *) or a replacement for a cracked barrel. Barrels of the required length can be prepared on request. 

Barrels for baroque clarinet

Boxwood - Krušpánek or also Buxus (Boxwood), 975Kg / m3 has a density almost a quarter lower than the standard Dalbergia melanoxylon (African blackwood) 1270kg / m3. Therefore, it is also more prone to moisture and dimensional changes. For this reason, carbon rings are installed under the ivory imitation to ensure that the barrel does not crack at its weakest point.