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Barrels, necks, individual parts.
"A musical instrument can not only be repaired, but also improved."
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Jan Provazník

Dear musicians,

in the course of my studies at the American School Of Modern Music in Paris, I met many interesting experts in the production and service of woodwind instruments. In Le Menetrier, later Total Music / Musikia, I had the opportunity to consult on issues of diagnostics, acoustics, mechanical properties of individual materials with exceptional people from the production process. As an active player, I became more aware here during my eight years of operation, how important it is not only to repair the instrument, but also to optimally adapt it to the individual requirements of a particular player.

Even a top musical instrument is based on production "averaged" for the widest possible use of all instrumentalists, it is not "tailor-made". This is of utmost importance, for the basic criteria in the art of interpretation is an element of inspiration which arises when the instrumentalist is identified with his inner auditory idea. The musical instrument imaginarily becomes an extended hand, the body of an instrumentalist, and should therefore be fine-tuned to every possible detail.

In this regard, I try to find the optimal solution in my profession towards you, the musicians. I use modern technologies of CT scanning, 3D modeling, CNC machining, CRYO, etc. In my educational process I continue to consult with my foreign colleagues and professional musicians who have a desire to shift the instrumental quality to the uniqueness of the beauty of music. 

From March 2022, Atelier H&M became a professional partner Henri Selmer Paris.

Our effort is to create above-standard conditions of providing
service, but also ensure the selection of instrumentss, either in Paris or here.


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