I manufacture or modify mechanics for all wind instruments. 

Extension of the C/Eb weights on the Selmer Alto Supreme

Making closed right hand flaps on the Buffet Crampon Divine

Repair of Selmer Tenor MkVI mechanics (Eb fingerboard, Bb swing, straightening of connecting ring)

Production and installation of Eb lever for Bb clarinet

Production of a new mechanism for the baritone saxophone Conn 11M

CNC production of sleeve and tenon for SML tenor saxophone - accuracy .001 mm

Replacement of Selmer MkVII keys with Super Action 80 Series II - C#, B, Bb

Production of an octave lever for alto saxophone MkVI - style Super Action 80 Serie II

Production of an F lever on an older baritone saxophone

Adding an adjusting screw to the Tenor Saxophone Conn 

Moving the thumb rest and extending the octave lever on the Conn - Naked Lady saxophone

Production of a key holder for a baroque bassoon

Modification of the F lever Selmer MkVI - Rick Margitza

Adding a fork to a C trill - Beuscher alto saxophone

Prototype of the height-adjustable Selmer tenor saxophone key

Adjusting mechanism for soprano saxophone Conn

Extension of C and Eb keys on Amati saxophone

Production of higher cages on a pre-war baritone saxophone

Production of the reinforce plate for the lower arch of the baritone saxophone Conn 12M

Repair of torn wood - production of brass inserts

Add Eb lever to Bb clarinet

Production of nylon inserts, production of piano mechanics cup, fixing of the post