Production of saxophone neck

Neck for alto saxophone Selmer Type A

At the moment, the production is in the final and experimental part of the development, where I try to find the ideal procedure with regard to intonation and sound. We have a finished and functional prototype ready for the Henri Selmer Paris alto saxophones and instruments based on it. I achieved this prototype by modifying the original neck, which it had to be based on. (It can be adjusted to the original neck individually). The result is a significantly reduced tuning from a2 to f3, see chart. Where the blue curve is the original neck, the orange one is temporarily modified and the red curve shows the final neck after the soldering. The sound characteristic is: more focused, concentrated sound. After Cryo adjustment then with more harmonic frequencies. It is an interesting combination suitable for modern styles of R&B, Pop, Funk. It is available for testing in our workshop.

Neck for tenor saxophone selmer Type A2 - Large bore

The second prototype is the tenor saxophone neck, which is again designed for Selmer saxophones and aims to offer a different range of sounds than we know from the manufacturer. At the moment we have a neck that eliminates some bugs and is fully functional. The subject of the adjustments will also be the inclination of the neck. There will be 3 types on offer. You can come and try it with the possibility of fine-tuning.

  1. Only bent
  2. Hand hammered
  3. Cryo (deep frozen in liquid nitrogen)