Clarinet barrel making – replicas for Selmer, Buffet Crampon, etc

We are able to make any replica of clarinet barrel or make up a new barrel for your instrument in any specific length.

Our tuned barrels:

Model délka v mm (lenght)
Buffet Crampon E12F Bb 65mm
Buffet Crampon E13 Bb 63,5mm
Buffet Crampon Icon Bb/A 66mm
Buffet Crampon RC A 64mm
Buffet Crampon RC A 65mm
Buffet Crampon RC Bb 65mm
Buffet Crampon RC Bb 66mm
Buffet Crampon RC Préstige Bb 65mm
Selmer 10S Bb 64,5mm
Selmer 9 Bb 58,5mm
Selmer 9 Bb 62,5mm
Selmer 9 Bb 63mm
Selmer 9 Bb 66,7mm
Selmer 9 Bb 67mm
Selmer 9* Bb 64mm
Selmer 9* Bb 64,5mm
Selmer Bb Privilege 65,5mm
Selmer Bb Privilege 66,5mm
Selmer Bb Recital 442Hz 62,5mm
Selmer Bb Recital 442Hz 65mm
Selmer Centered Tone Bb 62,5mm
Uebel Bb 65mm


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