Adding Eb lever including key posts

Beuscher C – trill lever remaking on fork lever

Trigger making on bugle

Selmer Bass Clarinet Extension to improve low E and Eb

Making longer octave key on baritone Conn 12M

Replacement of an old mechanism on tenor horn (miniball)

Taking off high F# from tenor saxophone Selmer MkVI

Making mpc receiver for brass instruments

Die Production Selmer 9 64mm

Manufactuting of F lever on barytone saxophone

Die production tenon&receiver fur Conn Naked Lady


Transformation der Octave Mechanism Conn

Die Production der Eb Klappe

Reparature general

Logo Neuanstrich

Die Production der octave Klappe fur Selmer Alto Sax MkVI

Nähen der Klarinette

Verlängerung of Kohlert barytone neck

Einstellbar Klappe – Saxophone Selmer

Die Production des tenon receiver Baryton MkVI

Custom F lever for saxophone Selmer Tenor MkVI Rick Margitza

Custom Seitenklappen – Saxofon Selmer Sopran MkVI Rick Margitza

Selmer Saxofon S-Bogen MkVI + Booster

Transformation MkVII auf Super Action 80 Series II

Fagott – Die Production des neuen Klappe

Die Production der Wasser klappe

Die Production der Klarinette Klappe (deutsche system)

Wiederaufbau einer Bassklarinette S-Bogen